When to Use Edge Lighting

Let’s face it, when it comes to electrical signage, not all cabinets are created equal. Sometimes you are tasked with lighting a cabinet riddled with tension rods or other structural features that don’t play nice with light distribution. A classic LED layout just won’t do. That is where edge lighting steps in.

How it works

Edge lighting is placed around the sides of a cabinet, as the name describes. This strategic placement is what makes the difference in cabinets that have a lot of structural pieces to work around. Instead of the light shining directly at the face, the modules are facing each other and bouncing throughout the cabinet for even distribution.  This canvasing of the light allows the structures on the inside to be hidden.

Stellar Edge Series

HanleyLED offers large and small edge lighting modules in the Stellar Edge Series. Our Stellar Edge S-1720 Big module is great for cabinets 5” - 48” deep, while our Stellar Edge S-1270 Mini module is perfect for cabinets 3” – 6” deep.

The ability to edge light takes the headache out of traditionally impossible electrical applications, leaving your customer with premium results that will last.

Are tall signs or pylons frequent applications for your team? See how our Stellar Edge Big modules effectively light a 6-foot sign, below.



Or, maybe you frequent more general applications that are hindered by structural shadows at the face. See how our Stellar Edge modules hide a center poll in a double-sided cabinet, below.



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