Make a Statement With RGB Lighting Solutions

When you are wanting something different in the electrical space, RGB lighting solutions can provide the decorative touch you are looking for. Red, green and blue colors combine to produce a range of effects, offering enhanced lighting capabilities compared to the average LED.

These effects include color changing, fading, strobing and more. Combining an animation with a color or simply letting the color shifting speak for itself, the opportunities are endless. Whatever the need, there are two types of RGB solutions to choose from.

Basic RGB

This type of RGB solution covers 90% of your color needs. A string of modules can be programmed to a certain color and adjusted as needed. Each individual module will be programmed the same as those around it, for a uniform look.

Check out this clip from our Exclusives Virtual Tradeshow to learn more.



HanleyLED has several Basic RGB solutions that combine to ensure the finest performance.

HanleyLED RGB Solutions

Addressable RGB

This type of RGB solution allows for more flexibility and personalization. Each individual module can be programmed to display a different color. This advanced customization makes these solutions ideal for lighting that needs movement.

Chasing is a style of programming that sequentially lights each module, one after the other, with consecutive colors. The technique allows for a motion of color throughout the chain, leaving the observer with a unique visual effect.

As mentioned in the clip above, G2G Lighting offers a TriCo Series RGB module that provides the color shifting capabilities of addressable RGBs.

G2G Lighting RGB Solutions

There are a multitude of creative opportunities with RGB solutions. Whether you are looking for a little pop of color or a big statement display, Grimco has the solution for you.

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