HanleyPRO Layout Creator

Become a PRO with HanleyLED's HanleyPRO Layout Creator! Our easy-to-use software takes your dimensions and gives you HanleyLED solutions in seconds. Simply create a layout and place an order for the solutions that fit.

HanleyPRO has even been optimized for your channel letter layouts! Simply toggle to the “Text” option on the HanleyPRO Layout Creator and enter your sign’s parameters.


We recommend visiting HanleyLED's Solution Center to take the guesswork out of choosing which products will work for you project. Then utilize the Solution Center's recommendation to generate your own layout on HanleyPRO. You're on your way to filling tour next cabinet or channel letters with tier 1 quality LEDs that cut your labor in half! This user-friendly selection process gives us the confidence that our products can serve you best and gives you the confidence to become a PRO!

Simply create a layout and place an order for solutions that fit!

Create a Layout

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