The 3 R's of Sustainability in the Sign Industry

When thinking about sustainability in the sign industry, consider using Grimco's 3 R's of Sustainability:

  1. Reduce Energy Consumption
  2. Reduce Material Waste
  3. Reduce Chemical Pollution 

🌎 Reduce Energy Consumption


Replacing traditional neon and fluorescent lighting systems with LED modules has been a positive movement in the sign industry for some time now, but there are still some traditional signage out there using too much energy. Most LED lighting systems use about 50% less electricity compared to traditional lighting systems. Making simple changes like utilizing high efficiency LED lighting can help save the environment and lower energy costs! 

"[Gator Ford] retrofitted the old school, non-energy efficient fluorescent bulbs with a high-end LED product. This product is estimated to save Gator Ford 10% a month in energy costs with a return on investment of fewer than 2 years. It took half of the LED lights to make their lot twice as bright!"

Creative Sign Designs, Tampa, FL

Our exclusive HanleyLED lighting specializes in providing high efficiency products that help save the environment. For example, the HanleyLED PhoenixNRG Series is a family of modules and light bars that produce 170 lm/watt. This means HanleyLED makes signs brighter while using fewer power supplies; and less power supplies means less labor! In the end, HanleyLED products help save our planet, while also helping customers save on material, labor, and energy costs! 

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🌎 Reduce Material Waste


The easiest way to incorporate sustainability is by practicing the 3 R's you already know: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The best practice is to use material that can be re-purposed. In an ideal sustainable sign industry, all projects would be printed directly on paper or easily recyclable material.

Why its important to print directly on paper or easily recyclable material:

  1. Printing directly on substrates vs printing on vinyl and mounting to a substrate reduces the amount of plastic being used.
  2. Using paper or easily recyclable material reduces the amount of harmful non-biodegradable materials in waste management systems, ultimately reducing the amount of harmful toxins in our environment.

This is why more and more businesses are regulating their signage and requiring more paper or recyclable materials like our exclusive Duratex EcoDisplay Board. Made from 100% recyclable paper, Duratex EcoDisplay Board is a sustainable alternative to traditional foam board and PVC and perfect for retail displays, indoor signage, POP displays, tradeshow displays and high humidity applications.

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🌎 Reduce Chemical Pollution


Most sign making materials use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. If using paper or easily recyclable material is not an option, there are alternatives to being more sustainable. For instance, consider the manufacturing components of the material. Choosing products made with previously recycled materials or limited amounts of harmful chemicals will reduce your impact. Keep and eye out for products marked as PVC free or recycled PET like our Duratex 10oz Eco Banner.  Both PVC and Phthalate free, Duratex 10oz Eco Banners are the sustainable choice for building signs and tradeshow displays. 

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🌎 How To Make A Greater Impact


Are you already practicing Grimco's 3 R's of Sustainability, but you want to make even more of a positive change in your business?  This can be accomplished by incorporating sustainability guidelines and requirements into everyday business operations.

In the sign industry, it's important for sign makers to set guidelines in the printing process. A sustainable printing process should limit harmful toxins, material waste, and energy consumption as much as possible. Luckily, our equipment partners provide eco-friendly certified products to help sign companies reduce their environmental impacts while also improving their business efficiency. 

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Do you recycle your empty inks and printheads? View your recycling options here!


As a sign supplies distributor and manufacturer, it is Grimco' s responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and provide our partners with solutions and materials to do the same. We are dedicated to finding more ways to provide sustainability knowledge and incorporate environmentally friendly products in our offerings. Together, our sustainability efforts and environmental impacts are limitless!


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