Caring For Your High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

We all know the unwritten rule: Taking good care of your belongings will ensure they work properly and last longer. Would you be surprised if we said the same thing goes for your signage materials? We hope not!

When it comes to High Impact Polystyrene, there are a few standard care taking procedures you will want to adopt. Here are some important tips to consider when caring for your Duratex Polystyrene. 


High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Storage in an unheated environment may cause this material to become wavy. If material is corona treated, we recommend using it within 45 days.


Duratex Polystyrene must acclimate to pressroom temperature and humidity for no less than 48 hours, possibly longer if temperature and humidity differ greatly from outdoors. 


Care should be taken when unwrapping skids to avoid contaminating the material with any particulate that may have gathered on the exterior wrapping during the shipping process. To protect the print surface of the sheet from particulate, wipe down the side of the material on the skid immediately prior to production. Use a clean, damp, lint free cloth. 


🔎 Key Takeaways

    • Store in a temperature controlled environment to prevent material from waving.
    • Get polystyrene acclimated to pressroom temperature no less than 48 hours before production.
    • Wipe down the side of the material on the skid immediately prior to production. 


Did you know?

HIPS falls under Recycle Code 6 and can be recycled at curbside pickup in most cases. *Check with your local municipality* 

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We hope these care taking tips help you get the most out of your Duratex Polystyrene. If you have additional questions, our boards team can give you the answers! Contact:



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