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How to Choose the Right Duratex Polystyrene Opacity

Double, Dead... What is the difference? Some may think we are talking about In and Out Cheese Burgers...now I’m hungry. But no, we are talking about the most popular color offerings for Duratex Polystyrene.

For Grimco's Duratex Polystyrene, the colors refer to the level of opacity of the sheet. 

Opacity - The degree to which a substance is opaque; the condition of lacking transparency or translucence.

Thickness and colorant levels contribute to polystyrene’s level of opacity. To achieve a sheet with a higher level of opacity, you can either increase the thickness or increase the level of colorant added (TIO2).

Duratex Polystyrene provides two colors in multiple thicknesses to help you achieve the perfect opacity for your project. 

  • Double White
  • Dead White

Double White



Double White is what Grimco considers to be the industry standard. Best for everyday printing, single sided applications, or if you need some light to pass through.


Dead White


Dead White is the most opaque. Produced specifically in .020 and .030 when a true block out is needed for double sided printing. Grimco’s Dead White polystyrene is a block out product perfect for window graphics when you can’t have any level of image bleed through. 

Shop Duratex Dead White Polystyrene

Now you know the differences between Duratex Polystyrene Colors, Double White and Dead White. If you have further questions or need a custom quote, reach out to our experts at Boards@grimco.com!

Check out our Youtube video series, The Rigid Truth, for more educational content on Duratex Polystyrene.


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