Real Life Point of View with Duratex Polystyrene

Polystyrene is everywhere - and for good reason! Our Duratex Polystyrene stands out for its versatility and quality, offering a wide range of sizes and thicknesses that unlock endless possibilities of creativity and functionality.

Let's dive into the myriad of applications you can use Duratex Polystyrene throughout various settings, unveiling its potential to transform spaces and elevate experiences in Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants, and more!

Duratex Polystyrene in Stores

Did you know that polystyrene can be found around every corner in various forms throughout grocery and retail stores? From eye-catching hanging signs to informative shelf signs, and even in wayfinding a-frames, Duratex Polystyrene is an essential component of store displays. So, as you peruse the aisles, take a moment to appreciate the versatility of polystyrene in these settings. It's hard to miss the impact it has on your shopping experience! 

Slide through the pictures below for inspiration on how Duratex Polystyrene can be used in Stores:


Aisle Markers and Hanging Signs

Our .060" Duratex Polystyrene, printed on an Epson V7000 flatbed printer and cut with a Summa flatbed cutter, gives you the ability to create vibrant aisle markers and hanging signs that guide customers to their desired products.

Styrene in A-Frame

Temporary Frame Inserts

Printed with an Epson V7000 flatbed printer, our .060" Duratex Polystyrene adds a professional touch to temporary frame inserts, ensuring your promotions and messages stand out. 


Shelf Display Inserts

Mounting our .030" Duratex Polystyrene with Briteline Duration X vinyl using a Rollover Flatbed Application Table creates visually appealing shelf display inserts that grab customers' attention. 


Sale Rack Hangers

Cut on a reliable Summa flatbed cutter, our .060" Duratex Polystyrene is perfect for creating sturdy and eye-catching sales rack hangers, ensuring your promotional items don't go unnoticed.


Frame Inserts

Printed with an HP R-Series Latex Flatbed, our .020" Duratex Polystyrene adds a touch of excitement and color to frame inserts, enhancing the overall appearance of your store.


Backlit Displays

Our .020" Duratex Polystyrene-Double White, combined with Briteline Cut Vinyl, creates stunning backlit displays that illuminate your store and draw attention to your products.

Duratex Polystyrene in Restaurants

Do you have a customer who is wanting to give their restaurant a little character? The versatility of Duratex Polystyrene doesn't end with grocery and retail stores. It can also transform the ambiance of restaurants and more! You don't need to use different types of mediums to get your message across either. Duratex Polystyrene is the perfect "one and done" material to showcase an entire brand in a variety of facets.  

Slide through the pictures below for inspiration how Duratex Polystyrene can be used in Restaurants:


"Open" Door Hanger

Made of durable .030" Duratex Polystyrene and printed with an Epson V7000, these door hangers instantly convey the restaurant business hours and information, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the customers.


Table Numbers

Enhance the aesthetics of restaurant tables with the help of .020" Duratex Polystyrene with Briteline Cut Vinyl. Table numbers are a great way to add a touch of sophistication and organization to a dining area.


A Frame Inserts

Our .020" Duratex Polystyrene, beautifully printed with an Epson V7000, is perfect for creating attention-grabbing A-frame inserts that showcase your daily specials or promotions.



With our .020" Duratex Polystyrene printed using an HP R-Series Latex flatbed, you customize your menus so that customers can order what they want. 


Menu Insert Displays

Our .040" Duratex Polystyrene-Double White, printed on an Epson V7000 flatbed, offers a sleek and professional look for displaying menu inserts, ensuring customers have a delightful dining experience.

Duratex Polystyrene Everywhere

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Duratex Polystyrene! Gas Stations? Yes! Weddings? We've got you covered! Door hangers? No problem! With a little imagination Duratex Polystyrene can go a long way. 

Slide through the pictures below for inspiration how else you can use Duratex Polystyrene:


Event Displays

Our .060" Duratex Polystyrene paired with Briteline Cut Vinyl makes lightweight displays that are also durable, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.


Gas Stations

Experience the durability and quality of .020" Duratex Polystyrene printed with an HP R-Series flatbed printer, enhancing a store's branding and showcasing special offers.


Door Hangers

Our .060" Duratex Polystyrene cut with a Summa flatbed cutter gives your signs longevity while highlighting a brand in the most professional and eye-catching way.


Horticulture Displays 

The closed cell structure of .060" Duratex Polystyrene printed with an HP R-Series Latex Flatbed printer makes a great sign for gardens and other outdoor usage, keeping colors consistent and vibrant.


Name Tags

The .060" Duratex Polystyrene-Double White printed with an Epson V7000 flatbed and then hole punched is a great, lightweight yet durable solution for lanyard signage that is sure to last for a whole event.


So, whether your client is an event planner looking to create captivating displays or a gas station owner in need of attention-grabbing signage, Duratex Polystyrene is the ideal solution. Its versatility, combined with your imagination, will surely make a lasting impression in any context. Let your creativity soar and explore the boundless potential of Duratex Polystyrene! 

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