5 Webstore Tips To Save You 5 Hours

When it comes to saving time, simplifying the ordering process, and managing operations, Grimco.com can help you operate your business more efficiently. 

Check out these five easy ways to save five hours a week using Grimco.com.

  1. Utilize Live Chat
  2. Order Online At Your Convenience 
  3. Online Returns Are Faster
  4. Use My Favorites For Easy Reordering
  5. Make Accounting Easier With My Orders
Tip 1: Utilize Live Chat

Use the live chat feature to save time by asking questions.  Get help deciding which product will meet your specifications from a product expert who can talk to you about options to better support your business needs. Research and compare product features and capabilities at the click of a button.


Tip 2: Order Online At Your Convenience
Ordering online means:
  • No time speaking to a salesperson for orders where you know what you need
  • Setting up different options for shipping or pickup
  • Saving multiple addresses to allow shipping across many locations
  • Receive quantity price breaks for different items

If you are a national company, Grimco.com allows you to buy and ship supplies to multiple locations. So if you are taking care of one retailer nationally, you can ship supplies to each of your local branches to fulfill orders as needed for the same project.

Check out this video from our friends at Halo Ink who show how quick and simple the online ordering process is.

Tip 3: Online Returns Are Faster
Thanks to online returns…
  • Don’t spend time on hold with a Customer Service Rep (CSR)
  • Easily return or replace items that don’t meet your project’s needs
  • Information is stored within your account, so no time is wasted looking for the invoice
  • A more informative return status, directly from the orders page


Tip 4: Use My Favorites For Easy Reordering

Having trouble remembering the right ink for your printer? Stop wasting time digging through old invoices from a year ago trying to figure it out and make a My Favorites List on Grimco.com to simplify your ordering. Reordering supplies has never been so quick and easy.

Watch how easy it is to set up My Favorites

Tip 5: Make Accounting Easier With My Orders
Do you find yourself getting slowed down by accounting? Save time using Grimco.com by:
  • Paying invoices and applying credits right on the website
  • Uploading your tax certificates directly to Grimco.com
  • Downloading multiple invoices into one convenient document

Grimco is constantly adding features to save you time and make managing operations easier.

Login now and start saving time!

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