Grimco's Web Features Helps you Navigate More Effectively is back again with some small, yet powerful changes! As always, our goal is to create the most seamless shopping experience possible. With new features like Save for Later, Last Purchased, and Clear All, we’ve put more functionality at your fingertips, making your shopping experience easier and more efficient!

Save For Later

Items can now be saved for later within the shopping cart. This allows you to keep products that you’re interested in but not quite ready to purchase right now. The next time you sign into, they will be there waiting for you in the saved section of your cart!

To use, simply click “save for later” on any cart item you wish to save. To move an item back to the cart, you can use “move to cart” for that individual item or “move all to cart” to include all saved items.

Note: Pricing used in example is for test purposes only. pricing may vary.



Last Purchased

Grimco offers a lot of products, many of which vary only slightly from one to another. Now, product pages will show you when you have purchased a product in the past! When signed in and viewing a product page, you will see the last purchase date and how many times that product has been purchased.

By hovering over the notification, you can see up to the last 10 times that product has been ordered. It also shows the exact purchase date, SKU, and a short SKU description. You can even click the order number to view the entire order PDF. With all this information, you can verify that this was the same exact product you ordered for another job in the past.

Last Purchased prod

Clear All Selections

Now, when shopping for specific attribute combinations, the “clear all selections” feature makes it easy to start from scratch. No more frustration having to uncheck each individual attribute. This feature offers a quicker, more efficient way to browse the different options available for each product!


More than ever, Grimco is committed to enhancing your webstore experience no matter how small or large the changes. Stay tuned to GrimcoConnect for more updates and new features in the future!


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