Applying Translucent Vinyl To Acrylic & Polycarbonate Signage

Applying and mounting cast translucent vinyl successfully is one of the most important steps to get that crisp vivid look you are going for and your customer love.  Here are tips to get it right every time!

Below are techniques and information on how to achieve a pristine look when mounting to Acrylic and Polycarbonate substrates. 

  1. First Surface Mounting
  2. Second Surface Mounting 
  3. Second Surface Mounting with Diffuser only 
  4. First & Second with Translucent & Diffuser Films  

First Surface Mounting

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This is the most popular way translucent film is mounted to a channel letter or cabinet. It is simply taking a piece of acrylic or polycarbonate and mounting the translucent film on the front to change the appearance of the acrylic from white/clear to the color of choice while helping to properly diffuse the light source.

Second Surface Mounting

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This is taking a piece of clear acrylic and adhering the translucent vinyl to the back of the acrylic. Then you take the diffuser film and adhere it to the back of the translucent. Doing this protects the translucent film from weather elements and especially UV rays while properly diffusing the light source behind it so that the sign is evenly lit.

Second Surface Mounting With Diffuser Only

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 9.34.45 AM

If your customer is fabricating white channel letters or a cabinet with an LED that has a narrower viewing angle or that has a shallow depth then you’ll want to recommend using a diffuser film on the back of the acrylic to help properly diffuse the light source.

First & Second Surface Mounting With Translucent & Diffuser Films

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 9.35.26 AM

This process involves applying the translucent film on the front of the acrylic and then applying a diffuser film to the back of the acrylic. This technique is most popular when talking about second surface mounting. It helps diffuse the light source from the back of the acrylic first then passing through the front of the acrylic for an evenly lit vibrant channel letter or cabinet.

Download our mounting sheet guide to achieve a pristine look every time you mount to acrylic and polycarbonate substrates.


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