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Briteline Cast Translucent Vinyl is the most versatile cast translucent vinyl in the industry. Sold exclusively by Grimco, our translucent vinyl has an unparalleled manufacturing process with crystal clarity & a premium satin surface. 

Product Features

Briteline Translucent Vinyl is a 2.0 mil cast translucent vinyl with permanent adhesive and a synthetic liner. This is designed for backlit or internally illuminated signage, even on the most demanding applications.

This vinyl has excellent color consistency with superior release and weedability. It is not directionally sensitive and very suitable for thermoformed designs. Briteline Translucent Vinyl is one of the highest quality translucents on the market with a 7-year durability promise!

This quick video displays the easy weeding components of out Briteline Cast Translucent:



Designed specifically for backlit or internally illuminated signage. The color consistency vividly pops against the illumination. Briteline Translucent Vinyl is compatible with a wide variety of rigid and flexible substrates, and the synthetic liner allows for superior thermoformability and wet application.

Colors Available

Briteline Translucent Vinyl is available in the industry’s top 15 bright and vivid colors. Grimco carries availability in 48” widths by 10 and 50 yards with color consistency from roll-to-roll!

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.17.21 AM

If you are wanting to take your signage to the next level, Briteline Cast Translucent Vinyl should be your next choice! You can find more information and tips about the line by downloading the resources below!

Briteline Translucent Color Chart   Tips & Tricks: Wet Application   Tips & Tricks: Thermoforming

BLTChannelLetter  BLTLighted  image66053


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