Transforming Spaces Using 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes

When it comes to renovations, many businesses such as hotels, retail stores, hospitals, and offices, turn to opportunities that allow them to refurbish their spaces with little to no inconvenience to their customers or revenue stream. 3MTM DI-NOCTM Architectural Finishes let you transform your spaces with less downtime, less labor, and less waste. These durable, dynamic films are easy to install, conforming to a variety of flat or curved surfaces, including walls, cabinetry, columns, doors, elevators and more. It’s ease of application allows for minimal business interruption by shortening refurbishment downtime, noise, and dust.

DINOC application chart


Interior Finishes:


3MTM DI-NOCTM Interior series is a collection of films that offers over 1000 patterns, including decorative metals, sophisticated stones, luxurious woods, pure solids, and abstract designs.


Exterior Finishes:


3MTM DI-NOCTM Exterior films are recommended for metal and other smooth, non-porous exterior application surfaces such as facades, window frames, doors, columns, walls and more. They have a high resistance to UV rays and weathering as well as resistance to oxidation and dirt.


Benefits of DI-NOCTM:

DINOC Cafe Application 2

  • Durability: It’s versatile enough to transform an entry area and durable enough to endure normal wear and tear. Interior films have a 12-year expected life span and exterior films have a 7-16 year expected life span (depending on climate).

  • Flexibility: Can be applied on flat or curved surfaces or shapes.

  • Fast Application: Easy to apply, self-adhesive film reduces time and cost of application. Adhesive is a permanent, solvent based acrylic with 3MTM ComplyTM Adhesive Technology that enables air release.

  • Cost Savings: Average of 30% cost savings. In addition to the lower costs than traditional materials, you’ll experience faster application which leads to lower labor costs.

  • Cleanability: Easy to clean with detergent and water and withstands most hospital grade cleaners.

  • Sustainability: Minimize your impact on the environment with materials that are engineered to refurbish permanently installed interior elements or furnishings with low emitting materials. LEED credits are possible.


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