The Duratex Foamboard Line

Grimco’s line of Duratex foamboard gives you a variety of quality substrates perfect for shorter term applications. As some of the best memory foamboards in the marketplace, the Duratex brand gives superior results at a price point you will love.

The Complete Line

Duratex Super White Foamboard

Duratex Super White Foamboard is a non-pillowing board with a 92+ white point. It is made with 10pt clay coated paper facers and great for temporary applications lasting 1-4 weeks.

Duratex Heavy-Duty Foamboard

Duratex Heavy-Duty Foamboard offers the great qualities, like excellent ink adhesion and crush resistant foam properties. The warmer white point caters to most color management professionals while being backed up by resilient construction.

Duratex EcoDisplay Board

Duratex EcoDisplay Board is made from environmentally friendly wood pulp, water and starch. It is 100% recyclable and FDA approved for use in food applications. The versatility compliments the print quality, with both surfaces boasting a bright white face. Perfect for a short-term application, this foamboard can simply be disposed of in a standard paper recycling stream when the job is complete!

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Cutting Abilities

Duratex foamboards are made of recovery foam, meaning they will retain their edge profile when die cutting. This material does very well on table cutting devices as well, making it very user friendly for short-term applications.

A Non-Pillowed Edge

Duratex foamboards are non-pillowing products. So, when a cut is made the foam will still be exposed. This keeps the paper facers from compressing together and sealing. You can learn more about pillowing versus non-pillowing here.

Sizing Considerations

The Duratex foamboard line comes in a variety of sizes for different applications. Board thickness impacts rigidity, making certain specs more reliable for particular applications. Michael Kerber reviewed the difference between 3/16 inch and 1/2 inch foamboard in a recent virtual tradeshow session:

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