Foamboard Applications

Foamboard is a lightweight yet sturdy material that can be used for a multitude of applications. It's a great option for projects that require affordability, professional look, and dimensional stability. Best of all, foamboard is easy to fabricate. It can be cut with a knife, embossed, die cut, printed, painted, or mounted. Here are a few most common Foamboard Applications!

  1. Interior Retail & POP Signage.
  2. Tradeshow Signage.
  3. Event Signage. 
  4. Decorative Window Displays.
  5. Large Checks. 


Interior Retail & POP Signage

Foamboard is a great option for interior retail displays due to its lightweight characteristics. Installation or moving of the sign can be easily executed by retail staff and it hangs well from ceilings with minimal reinforcements. Additionally, the print capabilities allow for crisp and vibrant prints to grab shoppers attention!

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tradeshow-signageTradeshow Signage

At tradeshows, one the main concerns is the ease of transporting and assembling displays. One of the benefits of using foam board signs is that they are lightweight and durable. Therefore, the displays and signs will be easy to put up and take down, while also being durable enough to last through the duration of the event. 

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event-signageEvent Signage

For event signage, foam board is a great option as it provides a pristine matte finish and color vividness. Anyone needing a high-end looking sign should consider foam board. 

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foamboard_applications_windowretail_1080x1080Decorative Window Displays

A very common sign application is business and shop window displays. A sign fabricator can use many different options but foam board is a great choice as it is lightweight making it easy for businesses to install. Overall it will provide a classic and clean sign attracting customers into the business or store. 

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large-checksLarge Checks

If you are needing to create a large check to celebrate a winner or generous donation, foam board is a great option. The bright white point provides crisp and clean look while also being rigid and sturdy for a professional look. 

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