Election Signage Success: The Power of Corrugated Plastic, Stakes, & Grimco


In the heart of every election season, a silent yet powerful competition unfolds on the streets – a visual battle of messages, colors, and symbols. Your secret weapons for success emerge – corrugated plastic and stakes. The significance of quality sign supplies and effective signage cannot be overstated during this time. In the world of political campaign signage, where visibility and impact matter most, utilizing the right materials is key.


Corrugated Plastic

The unsung hero of election signage. At Grimco, corrugated plastic, takes center stage as a versatile and resilient material. Its lightweight structure and durability make it the ideal choice for election signage. It withstands the unpredictable weather conditions of the campaign trail, ensuring that messages remain intact and impactful. Whether you're using Coroplast sheets or Coroplast blanks, the ability to cater to both large and small-scale campaigns adds another layer of versatility and the smooth surface guarantees vibrant printing, ensuring your customer's message stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


Sign Stakes

Planting Success in Every Yard. No sign stands alone; it needs sturdy support to be heard above the political noise. Grimco's sign stake solutions ensure that your customer's signs are positioned for optimal visibility, anchoring success in every yard. With a wide assortment of low cost h-frame wire sign stakes as well as heavy-duty step stakes and innovative spider stakes that provide a fresh appearance in a design that stands up to the wind, there is a solution for every occasion.


Grimco - Your Trusted Partner for Next Day Delivery & Nationwide Signage Solutions

Quality signage materials are crucial, but having a reliable supplier is equally important in ensuring campaign success. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and distribution, we offer you access to corrugated plastic sheets, blanks and stakes at competitive prices. As a trusted partner for election signage supplies across the country, we offer next-day delivery and the capability to fulfill orders of any scale, whether it's a small batch of products for a local campaign or a large-scale order for a statewide or national race.

As the election season unfolds, these components are the foundation of impactful signage. Election signage has a way of shaping voter opinions and ultimately leading to the success of your customer's campaign, which in turn reflects on your own business success.

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