Case Study: Improving Productivity in a Sign Shop

Binick Imaging is a large format printing company located in southern Florida area. Starting in 2013, Husband and wife, Bianca and Nick, opened their printing business out of their garage. In their early years, they were using Eco-Solvent Roland printers. Business was good but Bianca and Nick quickly realized changes and improvements must be made if they wanted to grow their business. The couple had the drive and the expertise but needed the proper tools to meet their goals and take their business to the next level. 

The Problem: Low Productivity and Capabilities.


Photo Credit: Binick Imaging

Binick Imaging produced high quality products, which brought them consistent business. The problem was that Binick's demand was higher than the services they could provide. If they wanted to grow their business, they needed to improve their turnaround times. The eco-solvent inks had long drying times and they were cutting substrates by hand which caused longer turnaround times. Additionally, the size of the printer also prevented the company from taking on larger projects. 


The Solution: Equipment Investments and a Knowledgeable Partner.


Photo Credit: Binick Imaging

Binick Imaging's goal was to find solutions that improved their turnaround times so they could meet their demand and create a path for growth. Binick Imaging leaned on Grimco's expertise to help them make the right improvements for their business.

The Results


Photo Credit: Binick Imaging

With the help of Grimco, Binick Imaging made investments in a HP Latex 64" printer, HP Latex 126" Printer, HP R2000 Flatbed Printer, and Summa Cutter. Binick Imaging decided their first improvement would be converting over to latex ink equipment due to it’s quick drying time.

After their first investment of the HP Latex 64" printer, Binick Imaging immediately had a positive response from their customers, and they began their path to growth. The investment helped them get projects out the door much faster and improve the overall quality of their products. Soon after, Binick Imaging moved on to the 126" HP Latex Printers which allowed them to create bigger products at an even faster pace. Binick Imaging states, "The print quality with the latex is amazing. We were able to color match things, turn around was super fast, and just had plenty of happy clients". Because of their continued growth, they eventually purchased the HP R2000 flatbed Printer to increase their productivity even more by adding direct print capabilities to their portfolio. Finally, Binick Imaging invested in the Summa Cutter to help them move away from cutting everything by hand. "The summa is super quick and it can cut a full roll in less than an hour and it has helped our productivity so much more here in house" said Binick Imaging.

Ultimately, Binick Imaging improved their businesses by investing in themselves. These investments and changes allowed Binick Imaging to take on more projects at a higher productivity rate, create quality products for their clients, and build a strong reputation to continue growing their business.  


Photo Credit: Binick Imaging

"Grimco was a great supplier in help in helping us move to our first HP Latex 64" Printer. Ever since then we have continued to print with latex inks. They have been so great in helping us choose the correct materials that we need specifically for our printers. We have had great feedback after working with our sales reps in Miami. They have very fast turnaround, fast shipping, and overall, just really happy and pleasant to work with." 

- Bianca Castillo - Owners, Binick Imaging

The Future


Photo Credit: Binick Imaging

Even after their investments, Binick Imaging continues looking for ways to grow their business. They are now doing acrylic prints for artists and plan to dive into home decor and in house specialty projects as well.


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