Create Eye-Catching Large Format Prints With Canon

Now more than ever, brands are dipping into every option on the color wheel for their graphics. Anywhere from Neon to's trending. But no matter the color, brands need their graphics to be vivid and noticeable. So what does that mean for the printing and graphics industry?

Ask Yourself This...

Are your digital prints appealing and vivid no matter the color?

Do brands or retailers require colors that are difficult to match on print?

Are you needing a more efficient process for creating vivid prints?

Retail_Display_Vivid_HpPhotoPaperWhatever the case may be, creating large format prints that increase noticeability is key to being a leader in the printing and graphics industry. Various industries such as retail, entertainment, design offices, and advertising agencies depend on printing capabilities that make their bold and impactful graphics come to life! There is a large difference from getting 'close' to a customers design/color request...and going beyond their color matching expectations. Ultimately, in order to be the go-to printing company these industries rely on, you must be able to provide a wide color gamut to match all of their graphic needs.

Wide Color Gamut = Appealing, Bold, Impactful Prints = Happy Customers! 

Provide a Wide Color Gamut

So now the question is...

How do you become a printing/graphics company that provides the widest color gamut range? 

Answer: A wide color gamut printer - Canon's imagePROGRAF GP Series


Canon imagePROGRAF GP Series 

The world's first large format printer with aqueous pigment Fluorescent Pink Ink! 


The fluorescent pink ink is ideal for graphics requiring a wide color gamut. The imagePROGRAF GP Series printers are the world's first "PANTONE Calibrated" Pantone licensed printers for "PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated", which includes fluorescent and pastel colors. 

Best of all - The imagePROGRAF GP Series gives you the ability to hit 99% of the colors in the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE solid coated. 

Available in 24", 36" and 44", with 5 and 10 color ink setups, these printers have all the great Canon features, including user changeable printheads, great user friendly software and the ability to switch ink on the fly.

Ultimately, having the capability to hit nearly every single pantone color allows you to provide exceptional vivid prints no matter what color your customer requests! Be the go-to printing company these industries rely on and make their vivid graphic dreams come true! 


Key Takeaways 🔎

    • Brands want appealing and noticeable prints
    • Create more vivid prints using a wide color gamut
    • Provide a wide color gamut with Canon's imagePROGRAF GP Series


Want to learn more about the Epson imagePROGRAF GP Series? Contact an Equipment Representative or Shop the printer at!

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