Grimco Tech Support: Enhanced Features to Benefit You


We're thrilled to announce two exciting additions to Grimco's tech support, designed to enhance your customer experience. Through careful analysis of your tech support tickets, we identified a common need for swift answers to frequent questions. In response, we've introduced two innovative solutions: Grimco Knowledge Base and Live Chat.



Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is your go-to source for quick solutions. Access a wealth of videos and blog articles, easily searchable by equipment or keywords. Whether it's obtaining profiles for your printer or fine-tunning cutter settings, you'll be able to swiftly find the answers you need. Don't let simple issues slow your production down - explore our Knowledge Base today!



Live Chat

We've expanded our live chat capabilities to include dedicated tech support members. Simply navigate to the Grimco Tech Support page or within Knowledge Base, and our live chat feature connects you with a tech support expert! Receive real-time advice on the best course of action. If the solution requires further assistance than what we can offer through chat, our team can seamlessly submit a tech support ticket for further assistance. Look for the pop-up on the bottom right of your screen for instant support!

And don't forget, our standard tech support ticket submission remains available, ensuring comprehensive assistance for all your needs. Plus, for physical repairs or warranty work, find vendor contact information readily accessible. Explore the full range of Grimco Tech Support options to minimize delays and maximize your production efficiency!

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