Briteline HTV's Printable Line

Found exclusively at Grimco, Briteline's G-Flex HTV line houses an extensive list of heat transfer vinyls that adhere to a wide range of fabrics. Alongside the seven standard G-Flex HTV materials are eight printable G-Flex options, bringing you FIFTEEN different HTV products total to pick from!

Briteline HTV's G-Flex printable line offers the same great product features from the standard G-Flex line, but with varying eco-solvent, latex and solvent ink compatibility. The top seller in the printable line is the G-Flex Turbo Print 236, a 3 mil matte white printable HTV with a self-adhesive liner and variable hot melt. Watch the below video to walk through the setup of Turbo Print 236 to the completed garment!

You can find the printing profile for the HP Latex 300 and 500 series right here!



When working with a solvent or eco-solvent printer, we recommend using a generic matte adhesive vinyl profile and letting the material out gas per your printer manufacture's recommended time prior to plotting and installing. Traditionally, that's 24-hours. Printer profiles can be downloaded from the profile guide.

Turbo Print 236 has an adhesive backed liner which is ideal when you are not pressing right away or are weeding intricate designs. Transferring the product from the liner to tape is made simple with Briteline’s medium tack 854 transfer tape

Under medium pressure Turbo Print 236 can be applied to cotton and polyester and blends at 265°F for 5 seconds, 300°F for 4 seconds or 320°F for 3 seconds. When working with heat sensitive materials such as sublimated polyester, leather, pleather and spandex, application at 265°F for 5 seconds is recommended. Given all the variables, installation of this product can be adjusted to best fit your workflow and garment. 

When applying Turbo Print 236 to Nylon, pre-press your garment for 4 to 5 seconds at 300°F. Allow your garment to cool then press your graphic for 5 seconds. Remove the PET liner warm and repress for 10 seconds.

Tip: When working with Turbo Print 236 and nylon, always protect garment by covering with                   silicone paper through each step of the press process.
TURBO Print 236 roll Sizes:
  • 15”x 5, 10 and 30 yards
  • 20” x 5, 10 and 30 yards
  • 30” x 30 yards
  • 60” x 30 yards



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