Avery Dennison: Your Partner For A Full Automotive Solution

In today’s world car owners are looking for any chance to customize their vehicle. Whether they are looking for the opportunity to market their business, to add protection to their current vehicle, or to completely overhaul the aesthetic, Avery Dennison has a full line up of films to help achieve the end goal.

Digitally Printable Films


Avery’s digitally printable films allow you to create a cohesive branding message for vehicles and serve as another platform to market to your customer base. Depending on if you’re looking to wrap a full vehicle or if you are interested in partial wraps, Avery has the film for the job. Two popular digitally printable films are the MPI 1105 EZ RS SuperCast film and the MPI 2105 EZ RS High Performance Calendered film.

  • MPI 1105 EZ RS SuperCast: 7 year, removable, cast film with Easy ApplyTM RS technology that uses air release to reduce wrinkles and bubbles and allows the film to be easily slid into the exact application position. For graphic protection, it is recommended to be paired with the Avery DOL 1000Z, 1300Z, or 1400Z series laminates. This film can be used for either full or partial vehicle wraps and works well with complex curves and deep recesses.

  • MPI 2105 EZ RS High Performance Calendered: 6 year, removable, calendered film with Easy ApplyTM RS technology. For graphic protection, it is recommended to be paired with the Avery 2060, 2070, or 2080 overlaminate. This film is recommended to be used for fleet or vehicle graphics with flat or simple curve application surfaces.


Color Change Wrap Films


Avery’s SW 900 Supreme Wrapping film is a removable, cast film equipped with Easy ApplyTM RS technology that allows a consumer to completely change the color of a vehicle. Along with standard opaque gloss, matte, and satin finishes in a multitude of colors, there are also unique finishes that a consumer can choose from to completely transform their current vehicle such as: metallic, special effect, and extreme texture.


Paint Protection Films


Paint Protection Films are designed to give the consumer peace of mind for everyday vehicle usage. Avery Dennison’s line up of Paint Protection Films protects OEM paint finishes against daily environmental and road conditions such as stone chips, gravel scratches, insects, bird droppings, and road debris.

  • SPF 1000: 3 year, 8mil surface protection film

  • Supreme Defense: Offered in both gloss (10 year durability) and matte (5 year durability). High quality 6.5mil polyurethane film with a self- healing topcoat

  • NeoTM Noir: 5 year, 6.5mil, black film with a high gloss finish. This film gives vehicles an OEM paint like finish all while protecting it from harmful daily elements.


Window Tint Films


Avery Dennison’s window tint films allow consumers to give their vehicle a custom appearance while also protecting both the passenger and interior of the car from harmful UV rays. All of Avery Dennison’s window tint films block 99% of harmful UV rays and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • NR Nano Ceramic: Deep Graphite film with advanced nano ceramic components for long lasting color stability and outstanding heat rejection. The nano ceramic component will reject heat better than non-ceramic films, making this an industry leading window tint film.

  • NR Pro: Graphite, color stable film utilizing nanotechnology to ensure high performance, durability, and long-last color.

  • NR: Warm Graphite, metal-free film specially designed for keeping car interiors safe from the harmful sun. Easy installation.

  • HP Pro: Charcoal, metalized film that offers great heat protection.

  • IR 80: A virtually clear film utilizing nanotechnology that rejects infrared heat and UV rays without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening. Great option for consumers who would like to add UV protection to the manufacture tint.
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