A Rigid Solution for Unique Sign Projects

In the sign making world there are countless unique signage projects. Some projects call for temporary products and others call for rigid long-term products. When a specialty long-term rigid project comes your way, a multi-layer rigid substrate is a solution to consider. 

3 Reasons to consider PALBOARD's multi-layer PVC solution for your next project: 

  1. Superior Digital Print Quality
  2. Save Fabrication Time & Money
  3. Extreme Durability

Digital Print Quality


PALBOARD co-extruded multi-layer PVC substrate has an extra smooth, uniform hard surface, which provides digital and traditional printers with excellent ink adhesion and extended retention, even for humid or outdoor applications. 



Save Fabrication Time

Using a co-extruded multi-layered sheet shaves off precious processing time, reduces wear and tear, overall expenses, and unnecessary work. PALBOARD with its recycled core is easy to fabricate, while the hard surface formation provides high structural strength. It can be easily V-grooved and folded. 



Extreme Durability

PALBOARD is not only waterproof and corrosion resistant, but it is also suitable for high humidity and wet displays. It can be easily cleaned and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including adhesives and lubricants. Alternative lightweight media tends to absorb humidity and is restricted to indoor use only. Release yourself from those constraints by using PALBOARD co-extruded multilayered sheets. 

Which PALBOARD Product Is Right For You? 


PALBOARD 2D Co-Extruded 2 Layer Substrate

For printers and advertisers, PALBOARD2D offers the best of both worlds - a bright white, rigid, ultra-smooth surface for vibrant color reproductions accompanied by a rich, black back. It's ideal for signage requiring an attractive dark back and edges. It can also help save time and money by removing the need to flood pre-coating with white ink.

Applications: signage, poster prints, retail signage & displays, wayfinding, frameless photos.

🔗 PALBOARD 2D Co-Extruded 2 Layer Substrate


PALBOARD 3D Co-Extruded 3 Layer Substrate

PALBOARD 3D combines two ultra-smooth surfaces of solid PVC with a black or white dense foam core. Its uniform surfaces are bright white allowing for the most vibrant color reproduction. Lighter weight than ACM, and more structurally stable than corrugated plastic, PALBOARD 3D is the next generation for displays and fixtures. 

Applications: Exhibits and kiosks, fabricated and structural parts, routed and relief lettering. 

🔗 PALBOARD 3D Co-Extruded 3 Layer Substrate


Need Help Getting Started With PALBOARD

Use the links below for inspiration and to discover all the creative things you can do with PALBOARD™, including innovative fastening methods, flexible configurations, and unique features. 

If you have a project that would be a good fit for a PALBOARD Co-Extruded product, let us know how we can help! Reach out to Boards@grimco.com or speak to your local sales representative.


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