Updated Invoices, Credit Memos & Statements

Grimco is excited to announce the upcoming release of several new features for your invoices, credit memos, and statements! For customers on terms, this overhaul offers consistent visuals and account accuracy no matter where you’re interacting with your Grimco accounting information. We're also adding some new features on Grimco.com to make the experience even better!

The most noticeable change will be the new look and feel of all invoice, credit, and statement documents. Now, whether using Grimco.com, contacting our Accounting team, or speaking with a Grimco Sales Representative, you will be able to receive the same, accurate account documents. 

On Grimco.com, we’ve updated the user interface to give you a better snapshot of your account. This dashboard is identical information to what you would see on your account statement, including details about your balance, pending charges, and credit. 

Additionally, we’ve made it even easier to select, view, or download your invoices. Previously, invoices could only be viewed and downloaded one by one. With these updates, you can select multiple invoices at one time, generate a single PDF document, and download or print them all!

These enhancements are just a few of the great things we are working on to make your Grimco experience the best it can be!

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