Top Sellers: Plasticade Sign Frames

Trying to figure out which Sign Frame is best for your project? Here is a list of our top sellers and why our customers love them. 



Plasticade Signicade 130

Why we love this Product: It's an attractive, sturdy, and portable sign display solution. Designed to take multiple substrates such as, vinyl, aluminum, plastic corrugated sheets, and more. The substrates are held on by screws, walnuts, velcro, tapes and other adhesives. Great for a project where you have a single message for the lifetime of your signicade. It can also be stacked with other units for easy storage and weighted with dry sand for heavily winded areas. 

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Plasticade Signicade Deluxe 140

Why we love this Product: Similar to the Signicade A-frame, the Signicade Delux is attractive and sturdy. Contrary to the Signicade, the Signicade Deluxe has a quick change feature that allows you to change your message in seconds. This is a great option if you need to display multiple messages or refresh your message frequently. This allows the business to have four unique message variations in one sign stand. 

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Plasticade_windsignPlasticade Windsign

Why we love this Product: The Plasticade Windsign is an ideal option for any high wind locations. The bottom can be filled with sand to provide reinforced sturdiness, along with build in wheels to make the frame extremely mobile. The Windsign also has a quick-change feature that allows signs to slide in and out with ease, while the "Stay Tabs" lock sign faces securely in place.

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Plasticade Simposquare

Why we love this Product: The Plasticade Simposquare eliminates the need for maintenance and will not rust. Sign inserts are held in place with the Quick-Change Feature, allowing users to change out their sign in seconds. This is another great option if you need to display multiple messages or refresh your message frequently. This sign also includes a grabber hinge at the top that will hold an additional rider panel for additional signage!

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rollasign blog image

Plasticade Roll-A-Post

Why we love this Product: The Plasticade Roll-A-Post is great for curbside signs, handicap parking spots, no parking, online pick-up areas and more. It is strong enough to withstand strong winds without tipping over and also has wheels making the base easy to move. It's plastic square tube post has pre-drilled holes making it a great option if a user has multiple sign sizes. 

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