New Look for Product Pages

A New Look for Product Pages product pages have recently undergone some substantial changes! Among many other changes, product pages will now feature a product’s key features, a more descriptive overview, video content, and a visually impactful Applications section. See the below sections for information on how to use the new features, and what new benefits you can expect to find.

Key Features

One of the main changes to the product pages is the introduction of a new “Key Features” section. Here, you will find the most important, or commonly requested information about the product.

Key Features


Using freshly developed icons, now provides a functional section to display the best applications for each product. If you are interested in more products for that application, simply click the icon to go to an all-new results page!

Apps Gif


It’s hard to fit an entire product’s value into a few bullets. The overview section contains further explanation of key features, construction properties and technologies, fabrication and application information, and any other pertinent information about the product.



Video content helps show products in use, provides fabrication tips, or compares them to other similar products. Now, videos have their very own section on the product page. To quickly find a product’s videos, simply click the video thumbnail in the image carousel or scroll down the page.

Video Section3

Specifications & Resources

Using interactive dropdown functionality, clear and concise naming, and a new location, the fine details of every product are detailed in the specifications table and supplemental datasheets. Now, these sections are easier to use than ever!

Specifications GIF


For products with multiple color options, it is now easier to show the different products in use. Simply hover over the color swatches and watch the colors change. We’ve also added the option to show & hide color options to preserve page space and make browsing easier.

Swatches is constantly looking for ways to enhance your shopping experience. Stay tuned to the New Features series from Grimco Connect to hear about all of our future projects too!

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