Introducing Briteline WrapCAST: The Affordable Cast Vinyl Film

Briteline WrapCAST vinyl film is the perfect option for value-conscious wrap jobs. This gives your customers options while also allowing you to compete with a cost-effective, cast vinyl solution. WrapCAST offers you a quality product with a competitive edge.


Mike from Cool Touch Graphics in St. Louis, Missouri takes some time to tell us what he thinks about using the new WrapCast vinyl from Briteline.

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Though we were originally inspired to create WrapCAST to save business owners on their cost of materials, we took the time to formulate it with installers in mind. From ensuring superior print quality to making it easier to apply, WrapCAST is designed to deliver high quality at an affordable price. Below you can find the basics of Printing, Installing, and Removing WrapCAST (vinyl film).


printing  PRINTING

When working with a printable cast vinyl, print quality is obviously one of the most important concerns. WrapCAST gives you the confidence that even the most detailed designs will pop when printed. The vinyl itself has a bright white point, so your unprinted areas remain bright, while your printed areas hold ink well for bright blues, neon greens, and vibrant reds. Your colors will stay rich even after being stretched during application. The print quality of the film is always consistent from roll to roll, whether you are printing with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, or latex ink. Printing profiles for WrapCAST can be found on Most profiles for cast gloss vinyl will work well.

"We have purchased a couple of wrap kits and have nothing but a great experience with them."

- Mike, Cool Touch Graphics


applying  APPLYING

We designed WrapCAST for vehicle graphics (both full and partial), vehicle decals, fleet graphics, and generally most applications that call for a conformable cast film. It conforms effortlessly to complex curves, rivets, and deep channels, making installation around wheel wells a breeze.

WrapCAST has a unique low initial tac that gives the film extreme slide-ability and allows it to glide across the substrate until pressure and heat are applied. It’s easy to manipulate into the desired position and remove the liner with one hand, making it a preferred film for a single installer. When you’re ready to install, apply firm pressure with overlapping strokes to activate the tac. Once pressure is applied, the film’s adhesive will build for up to 24 hours. WrapCAST is designed to make installation more forgiving, so you can easily glide, snap, reposition and even re-apply without issue.


removing  REMOVING

WrapCAST vinyl film can be cleanly removed for up to 3 years with assistance of heat and chemicals. For best results when removing, heat the film to 90 degrees and pull the vinyl away using a slow and steady pace.


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