Glazing CORAFOAM HDU to a Wood-Like Finish

Widely acclaimed sign company Quint Creative Signs is making big things happen in their local community. Located in Piqua, Ohio, a small town just off of the Great Miami River twenty miles North of Dayton Ohio and designated as “Tree City, USA” by the National Arbor Day foundation, Quint Creative signs, owned and operated by our friend Brian Quinter, has been designing signs for 20 years. Quint Creative Signs is known for their three-dimensional style and unique creative designs. They cater to their small town as the number one sign maker in Piqua.


When the River Rock Bar and Grill contacted Brian to make their sign, they knew that they would be getting a sign that would reflect their atmosphere, hold up in quality and be uniquely different from anyone else’s sign. Look a little closer at what you believe is wood is in fact CORAFOAM® U150… amazing! 

  1. What is Corafoam? 
  2. Creating Signage Using Duna-USA Corafoam 
  3. Why Choose Duna-USA Coarafoam? 



What is Corafoam? 

Corafoam is a 15lb. light color green and offers significant advantages to wood. It is a rigid, closed-cell, high density polyurethane material manufactured in continuous process. It can be sandblasted, routed, carved or used in any other typical wood application. High density polyurethane boards for precision styling and design works.


Brian started his design process in Corel Draw then finished building the three-dimensional model in Vectric Aspire. He then sent his mock up to his AXYZ CNC Router to bring his design to life.

body2 Body3

Creating Signage using Duna-USA Corafoam! 

For the River Rock Bar and Grill sign, Brian used a single sheet of 1.5” 4’ x 8’ 15lb DUNA. He used his CNC machine for the initial base, wood-grain finish seen in the background of the sign. The glaze layers are semi-translucent and the brush strokes will create a graining effect just like wood. Once the routing was finished, he used a wire brush and small wood chisels to distress the U150 board even more and finished off the sides and edges to complete the realistic wood finish. When it was time for finishing, he coated the sign with multiple layers of hand-mixed glazes that he created from scratch from Nova color paints and finished with the white lettering and blue waves.

Why choose Duna-USA Corafoam? 

It’s resistance to mechanical stress and exceptional insulating qualities have proven it a valuable asset as a support in the cryogenic field. DUNA-USA CORAFOAM® can be cut using any tool! 


Brian has used multiple types of HDU throughout his career, but just recently discovered CORAFOAM® through his supplier and hasn’t looked back since. Brian states, “I like CORAFOAM® because it has such a smooth surface, its extremely easy to finish and requires no sanding.” Brian says his favorite thing about being a sign maker is watching his design go from an idea to a finished product.



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