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Corrugated Substrates

Written by Danielle Yuan

Mar 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM


When it comes to corrugated plastic panels and blanks, Grimco has got your covered. Whether it’s a unique application or standard election sign, coro is a very versatile substrate. Most standard panel and blank offerings can be routed, die cut, scored or hand cut to create unique sizes and shapes.  


Panels vs. Blanks

Understanding what type of product is best for your project is half the battle. Both corrugated plastic panels and blanks can be used, however each has their own benefit for certain product scopes.

Larger scale print jobs can benefit from the ease of panels. The bigger dimensions allow mass operations to flow smoothly, with the cuts made after the fact. Smaller scale projects can easily be done with the standard size blanks. Precut to simple dimensions, these are perfect for a standard run of yard signs.

Perfect Cut

Our perfect cut corrugated plastic panels are manufactured to a higher tolerance and great for direct-to-substrate digital printers. If the perfect fluted edge is what your next project requires, this is the product for you. Available in 4’ x 8’ white sheets at 4mm thick.

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Understanding flute measurements can make a huge difference in how you choose your corrugated substrates. Listed on, measurements always note the flute size/direction second. For example, our 18” x 24” blank has 24” flutes. Your flute choice is dependent on how your artwork will be nested on the sheet and important when it comes to choosing the proper stake to support your message.



Supporting a sign is just as important as the message itself. There are many different types of stakes available for different types of terrain and coroplast. Aesthetics can now also play a role in the type of stake chosen.

Spider stakes are a great replacement for wire H-stakes. They are made from recycled plastic and offer a more contemporary appearance. A similar look can be achieved on cars with our Car Window Clips.

Our general Sign Stake streamlines any look, departing from the traditional two-pronged configuration. A welded foot push also makes installation easier.

When simple is better, our basic Economy Stakes will do the job! Depending on the height requirement, Half Stakes are available as well.

If a more durable option is needed, our Premier Stakes include double welded wire for extra support, and our Heavy Stakes are made with heavy duty material.


Even with the right information, it's important to know your supplier has your back. This is where Grimco comes into play. We offer competitive pricing and quick delivery on industry leading lines of corrugated sign board materials. On top of that, we also have a team of experts ready to help you find what you are looking for! Our Boards Specialist Group is here to answer all your questions. Contact them for product information, quotes and/or technical support.

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