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Why Cast Acrylic?

Written by Danielle Yuan

Apr 15, 2020 8:25:09 AM


Acrylic is a versatile substrate, great for a wide range of applications across many different markets. Many people who frequently use acrylic in the signage industry eventually come to ask themselves why they would need to use cast acrylic over extruded acrylic. So, let's breakdown why the physical, mechanical and chemical properties make a difference. 

Differentiating Qualities

1. Thermal Stability

Cast acrylic has a great thermal stability standpoint. This means, it will melt less when routing and won’t clog your router drill bit as easily.

2. Chemical Resistance

Cast acrylic offers the best chemical resistance in the acrylic category, especially when applying solvent cleaners or paints to the surface.

Tip: Generally, it is best practice to use an alcohol/water mixture when clenaing cast acylic and paints with low or no VOC when painting on cast acrylic.

Common Applications

Just like acrylic in general, cast acrylic can be used for a variety of applications. Due to its optical clarity and excellent properties, cast acrylic sheets outpace other options for a few applications specifically.

Routing & Engraving

The thickness ranges of cast acrylic make it the perfect candidate for applications that require routing or engraving. The superior physical and mechanical properties alone, enable easier processing than an extruded sheet in this instance.

Push Thru Letters

When creating a push thru letter for an illuminated sign application, it is generally best to use cast acrylic, especially on any acrylic that is ½” or greater in thickness. Doing so will give the end user the cleanest look and create less labor for the shop fabricating the job.


Time & Money Saving

As mentioned, cast acrylic is thicker than other acrylic substrates you can choose from. This characteristic can ultimately save you time and money. It all comes down to processing.

Easier routing leads to less clean up. When routing cast acrylic you can use a lower speed because of its high heat tolerance. This gives you a nice clean edge right off the router table versus a rough edge, where polishing is needed to get rid of unwanted acrylic particles that may have melted themselves to the sheet. Easier routing also leads to less wear and tear on your router bits, so they will last longer and will not require a change so frequently.


Partner with Grimco

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