How To Reduce the Risk of a Service Call for Illuminated Signs

In the sign world, any illuminated sign that does not require a service call can be considered an A+ project. To help your install and service teams reduce the risk of service calls, our team of experts came up with a list of helpful tips and tricks. 

  1. Underload Your Power Supplies.
  2. Follow U.L. Minimum Spacing Requirements.
  3. Ensure Proper Ventilation. 
  4. Additional Surge Protection.
  5. Prevent Water Intrusion. 
  6. Take Photos.

Underload Your Power Supplies


Underload your power supplies by 20%. Although many brands are 100% load tested, HanleyLED is one of them. Running your power supply close to capacity gives it the breathing room to react to and handle other environmental factors that could push the product beyond it's specifications. For instance, heat, surges, power straws, and more can cause issues that can be solved by underloading your power supplies by 20% 

Follow U.L. Minimum Spacing Requirements


Follow the U.L. requirements for minimum spacing between power supplies. In some cases, you might need to space them even more if the climate is hotter than normal. 

Ensure Proper Ventilation


Ensure proper ventilation in your power supply boxes. As yourself this: Is your sign properly vented? Even if you follow proper U.L. spacing requirements, can the heat generated from your LEDs & Power Supplies easily dissipate?


Additional Surge Protection


Most power supplies today have built-in surge protection, however adding additional surge protection where your primary power meets your power supply provides added protection to the power supply.

Prevent Water Intrusion


Prevent water intrusion. Although your LEDs & Power Supplies are waterproof, your wire connections might not be. Moisture that gets into wire nuts, butt splices, and other wire connections can 'weep' up through the LED wires as they heat and cool. Over time, that moisture can weep up into the modules, causing oxidation of the components, eventually leading to a short or a surge in your LEDs. 

Take Photos


Take photos! Lots of photos, with both the sign face on and with it off. Photos of the product, the labels, wire connections, placement of the power supplies, and more. Many times, good photos can help our technicians advise you and provide more accurate answers and solutions.  

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