4 ways MAX-METAL can take you to the MAX!


MAX-metal is a leading brand of ACM in the sign/graphics industry. For over 12 years, MAX-metal MaxMetal_Soccer2has delivered excellent quality and a proven reputation. Whether industry professionals are routing letters, making sign blanks, or fabricating architectural signs, MAX-metal provides maximum performance for maximum results.


Here are four ways MAX-metal makes itself the one!



As an exclusive MAX-metal provider, Grimco offers stock and distribution from over 55 locations across North America. MAX-metal is heavily stocked and readily available for all your signage needs. Grimco offers exceptional friendly service and fast consistent delivery from one of Grimco’s many distribution facilities nationwide.



When it comes to quality, for the last twelve years MAX-metal has been backed by Grimco, one of the nation’s most respected sign supply companies. Grimco has a reputation for selling only quality products with great service. Plus MAX-metal is a part of the Grimco exclusives family developed to give your sign business an advantage over the competition. MAX-metal is constructed from a superior Polyethelene (PE) plastic core, high quality grade aluminum and bonded by superior strength bonding adhesives.



MAX-metal offers a wide range of ACM products, including MAX-metal-Original (3mm), MAX-metal Lite, MAXMax Blue-metal Digital Print (DP), MAX-metal Heavy Duty (HD), MAX-metal One-Side, MAX-metal Element-Steel, MAX-metal 6mm, and various colors/finishes in both 3mm and 6mm thicknesses. MAX-metal provides a variety of products that deliver solutions to many applications for our industry. As well, MAX-metal continues to innovate by developing new products that offer expanded solutions to the industry.



Grimco strives to offer MAX-metal ACM at competitive prices to our industry. In addition to selection, quality, and service, Grimco’s buying power helps maintain competitive pricing on products that can be passed on to customers.




Grimco strives to pick up the phone after the second ring. With hundreds of reps across Grimco’s many locations, there is always someone ready to answer the phone. These reps aren’t just here to answer the phone. Each representative is trained and knowledgeable about the products you need so you can get the best combination of price and quality.

Visit www.maxmetal.com to learn more about the quality and trusted brand of MAX-metal ACM.




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