HanleyLED's Color Consistency Guarantee

Color consistency from sign-to-sign is incredibly important when choosing LEDs. Luckily, HanleyLED has figured out how to create reliable, consistently colored LEDs that you can count on. By using a single bin coding system, which in-turn allows a one-bin guarantee, HanleyLED is able to deliver the same result with every LED, regardless of whether or not they are from the same batch. This system creates several notable advantages: 

  1. Bag-to-Bag Consistency 
  2. Every Sign Looks the Same 
  3. Multiple Signs, One Location 

Bag-to-Bag Consistency


A bag of LED modules purchased from HanleyLED today will match the color bin of a bag that was purchased six months ago. This affords sign fabricators the opportunity to mix and match bags of LEDs from different lots without any concern for color shift. While other brands might have color differences between lots, HanleyLED has a one-bin guarantee, which increases efficiency in sourcing job components, reduces waste, and allows sign manufacturers to confidently ensure to their customers that every sign will look the same. 

Every Sign Looks the Same


HanleyLED's one-bin guarantee allows you to use multiple HanleyLED products that have the same color system. For larger signs, PhoenixNRG PE-4 modules could be used, whereas a smaller sign might use the PhoenixNRG PE-2 or PE-1 modules. Both signs will have the same color!


For LED sign fabrication on a larger scale, HanleyLED products can be used in the following scenarios with consistent results: 

  • When national sign fabricators are making signs for big brands with locations all over the country, HanleyLED guarantees that each sign across the country will have the exact same look.
  • For sign companies that outsource projects to wholesale fabricators, HanleyLED ensures that the signs manufactured by the wholesale fabricator will match the signs that are made in house.
  • For sign companies that outsource projects to multiple wholesale manufacturers, specifying HanleyLED into all signs creates consistency regardless of which manufacturer does the fabricating.

Multiple Signs, One Location


When a sign company is fabricating multiple signs on one property, HanleyLED’s one-bin process guarantees that the color of all signs will match. This helps uphold branding consistency within one location, but with HanleyLED’s quality control, the same premise can be applied to any number of locations! With the help of our amazing Layout Team, we can ensure that each sign is the same brightness as well!

For reference, the below chart outlines which HanleyLED products share an Identical Bin Code. Any two modules with the same IBC are guaranteed to have the same color!


HanleyLED uses premium quality components, rigorous quality assurance practices, and a one-bin guarantee to create the most efficient process possible for sign fabricators and the best results possible for end users. For whatever your LED needs are, HanleyLED and Grimco.com has the solution!



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